Lushunkou District Strengthens the "Four preventions" in Winter to Guarantee the Safety Production of Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Husbandry


Since winter has set in, Lushunkou District gave full play to the functional roles of the grass-root units and effectively carried out the "Four preventions" in the winter, i.e. prevention of cold damage in the agricultural sector, prevention of forest fire, prevention of animal epidemic diseases and prevention of agricultural machinery accident, to guarantee the safety production of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and agricultural machinery.


Emphasize on the prevention of cold damages of agricultural products. The straw mats shall be covered and uncovered normally during the cloudy days before the snow comes to give precious sunlight to the crops; compared to sunny days, the uncovering shall be one hour later and the covering shall be one hour earlier. The photosynthesis of the vegetables and fruits are very weak during the snow and the photosynthesis products are scarce; in order to reduce the respiration consumption, the temperature of the greenhouse at night shall be 2℃ to 3℃ lower than nights in sunny days.


Emphasize on the prevention of forest fire. This mainly requires the "three in-place": firstly, the arrangement and deployment shall be in place; the 10 forest fire-fighting teams shall be on duty and get ready. Secondly, the supervision and inspection shall be in place, the 9 forest fire prevention teams of the district shall patrol the forests regularly and thirdly, checkpoint inspection shall be in place; temporary checkpoints shall be set in important forest area and entrance and exit of the forests.


Emphasize on the prevention animal epidemics requires three works: carry out fundamental immunization to strength the animals' disease resistance; enhance the epidemic disease monitoring and risk alarms; strength the quarantine supervision and intensify the punishment.


Emphasize on the prevention agricultural machinery accidents. Enhance the safety production of agricultural machineries and carry out safety machineries entering parks activity; distribute 10,000 sets of wall calendars illustrating safety operations of volume curtain machines. Earnestly carry out the winter inspection of agricultural machineries' safety production; enhance the supervision of violations such as driving without license, driving without certificate and operation against the rules to eliminate the occurrence of major agricultural machinery accident.