This year the cherry in Lushun greenhouse grows gratifying


On January 16, at the peak season of “Sanjiu period”. However, it is a spring atmosphere in the conservatory of "Shenghe Big Cherry Garden" on the hillside of Wangjiachang Village in Tieshangkou District. The cherry here blooms in early January of this year, and now it has entered the fruit setting period, and can be mature in March and into market.

This year, in Lushunkou District, more than 2,000 acres of greenhouse cherry, from early December last year to the end of January this year have flowering. At present, one after another goes into the fruit set, and grows well.

In order to ensure that the production of greenhouse cherry can gain good economic benefits, farmers have taken different heating time for greenhouses to control the flowering, fruit setting and maturity stages of the cherry so that they can open the greenhouse cherry market and raise the market price. This year, the Great Cherry of Lushun is expected to be listed as early as during the Spring Festival, and could be extended to May. The open cherry connected to the mature period, so that Lushun’s Cherry can occupy the market and improve economic efficiency.