The Municipal Government Convened the Video and Telephone Conference of Safety Production & Safety Committee's Works in the First Quarter


Yesterday, after listening to and watching the video and telephone conference on safety production of the province, the municipal government also convened the video and telephone conference of safety production & safety committee's works in the first quarter to make arrangements for safety production works and tasks in 2018.


Mayor Xiao Shengfeng requested various regions, departments and units to earnestly learn and implement the important ideas of General Secretary Xi Jinping on safety production, improve their political stance, enhance their safety concepts and take safety products seriously as a matter related to the safety of citizens' lives and properties, coordinated and healthy development of the economy and the society, as well as the Party and government's responsibility to the citizens' interests. They shall insist safety development, reform and innovation, monitoring by laws, prevention at sources and systematic governance; transform the strategic ideas of General Secretary Xi Jinping into vivid practices by our city's cadres and citizens in promoting the safety production.


Deputy Mayor Liu Yan delivered the safety production work report of the city while Secretary Luo Dongsheng held the conference.


According to the statistics, the number of accidents and deaths in the whole city dropped by 36% and 32% respectively since 2015; no large safety production accident or above occurred consecutively in 29 months; the dangerous chemicals industry had no leakage or explosion accident in two consecutive years, that's the new record in 20 years; the innovative measures of "four mechanisms" such as corporate safety production responsibility of everyone is promoted nationwide; Dalian was determined as the pilot city for prohibition of major and extra major accidents, pilot city for reform and development of safety production as well as pilot city for safety development; it was also assessed as the excellent city of safety production in the whole province for two consecutive years and achieved a leading position in safety production.