Lushunkou District Enhanced Quality Safety of Agricultural Products and Improved the Quality of Urban Agricultural Development


Lushunkou District further enhanced the quality safety of its agricultural products, consolidated the construction result of National-level Export Food and Agricultural Product Quality Safety Demonstration Zone, fully promoted the construction of a national agricultural product quality safety county and popularized green and pollution-free agricultural products within the whole district.


In this year, Lushunkou District will further enhance the monitoring and management of the quality safety of agricultural products, continuously perfect the construction of the quality safety system and guarantee the various inspections and examinations of the export agricultural product quality safety demonstration zone by the state. It will further cultivate and perfect new-type agricultural operation entities; the district will normalize 5 farmer cooperatives, recognize 5 family farms and increase 1 key and leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. Lushunkou District aims to increase 1 certified green agricultural product and 4 varieties of pollution-free agricultural products and strive to make 1 famous brand agricultural product above the municipal level. It will also expand the sales platform for special and quality agricultural products of Lushun to improve the popularity and reputation of Lushun, as well as the quality and standard of urban and modern agricultural development of the district.