Lushunkou District's Greenhouse Off-season Strawberries are Growing Well


Entering January, Lushunkou's greenhouse off-season strawberries are growing well. Most of have blossomed and are yielding fruits; abundant off-season strawberries have entered the market and their prices are similar to last year. Currently, the sales of strawberry are made mainly through online shopping and wholesale, the high season of picking hasn't come yet.


In a strawberry picking garden in Dafangshen, Changlingzi Village, Changcheng Street, the villagers are getting busy picking the mature and fresh off-season strawberries. Sales of these strawberries started from December of last year. The organic and nuisanceless strawberries were sold 60 Yuan for 0.5kg; these strawberries are very popular in the market and the online ordering and picking appointments come in a continuous stream.