Journalists Focus on Supply-side Reform in Agriculture in Zhuanghe

The supply-side reform in agriculture is deepening in China.

A day before the news conference - Zhuanghe Conception: Strategic Cooperation on Cold-Chain Projects Spearheaded by China Supply and Marketing Agricultural Production Wholesale Market Holding Co., Ltd. to Pilot Supply-side Reform in Agriculture in Zhuanghe, the journalists who were invited to attend the news conference met in Dalian Conference Center in the afternoon, December 13, exchanging views over the supply-side reform in agriculture which is going on swiftly in Zhuanghe.

According to reports, CAWMCC formally signed The Investment Agreement on Projects Spearheaded by China CO-OP to Pilot Supply-side Reform in Agriculture in Zhuanghe with the People’s Government of Zhunghe city in November this year. According to the agreement, CAWMCC aims to integrate and restructure the fragmentary industrial chain of circulation of agricultural products based on the strategic positioning: a. using marine products as the industrial basis; b. renovating or upgrading the old markets; expanding the market for Zhuanghe’s marine products; c. using Zhuanghe’s marine products and agricultural products as the platform of industrial transformation.  CAWMCC aims to upgrade the Hedong market into a one-stop non-profit wholesale market with cold-chain storage as the core business, coupled with the service of quality inspection and quarantine as well as the business of sorting, warehousing, distribution, display and marketing of agricultural products. The new constructed fishing market is around the port, there is also a 582-mu co-sharing food industrial park with public service agencies involving quality inspection, product sourcing, supervision, brand certification, etc. to facilitate transformation and upgrading of agricultural products.