Lushunkou District implements the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in agriculture and promotes modern agriculture.

Lushunkou District adhered to promote agricultural production with modern science and technology, and established agricultural science and technology system to achieve agricultural quality and efficiency. This year, the rate of agricultural science and technology penetration and the rate of scientific and technological achievements transformation in agriculture have both increased.

This year, Lushunkou District further advanced the construction of modern agricultural science and technology system, exerting science and technology into every aspect of production and promoting eco-agriculture with high quality and efficiency. Agriculture with high standards and high level was further promoted in the use of arable land. The facilities were 35,000 mu, including solar greenhouse, steel shed, linkage greenhouse and, plastic sheds with modern level. The facility rate of fruit and vegetable production reached 38.8%. The technical standard for the production of green pollution-free agricultural products will be strictly implemented. The quality and safety of agricultural products were ensured from the source. In the whole district, there were 86 agricultural products with the certification of "three products and one standard" and 11,000 mu origin certification areas. The certificate of origin rate reached 76%, six percentage points higher than the city's.

Modern agricultural mechanization equipment has been promoted. The district promoted the use of more than 30,000 pieces of agricultural machines and physical agricultural equipment, including tractors, garden machines, pulling pesticide sprayers, water pumps, shutter mechanisms, fumigations, insecticidal lamps and light-emitting diodes. The main links in agricultural production, such as plowing, farming, supervising and reaping, have realized mechanization. The comprehensive mechanization rate reached 82%, which was in the advanced level among the province.

Modern agricultural science and technology was fully promoted in the district. Taking developing ecological agriculture and saving land, fertilizer, pesticide, seed and power as the key points, the district will actively promote the development and promotion of ten major agricultural technologies on seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machines, planting, breeding, water conservancy and physics. The penetration rate of science and technology reached 90%. The rate of technology transformation reached 76% and the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology reached 72%. Popularized education toward farmers was also strengthened. This year, the district held more than 80  various training courses, cultivated more than 6000 new farmers and promoted nearly one hundred kinds of new technologies, thus improving the competence of workers and promoting the development of modern agriculture.