Lushunkou District welcomes the picking season of figs

In the autumn, the picking season for ripe figs, people can smell the unique flavor of fig trees with ripe fruits hanging on the braches when stepping into the fig park of Jinjia Village, Tieshan Street, Lushunkou District. Tourists with baskets, pick their satisfactory figs in the green park with mellow flavors. In addition, tea, wine, juice and preserved fruits, all made from figs, are equally popular among tourists.

Figs, belonging to ficus and moraceae, growing in tropical and temperate zone, boast high nutritive and medicinal value. Its fruits are sweet and soft, containing multiple vitamins and minerals. Fig trees seldom suffer plant diseases and insect pests and thus are natural pollution-free fruits free from pesticides. In 2013, Dalian Lushun Lusheng Fig Park invested over 17 million yuan in Jinjia Village, Tieshan Street and introduced as many as 7000 fig trees of over 20 superior species to 17 fig greenhouses in the park. In 2016, the fig park yielded figs of over 20 thousand Jin and attracted tourists with picking, sightseeing and catering services, realizing more than 2 million yuan of revenue that year.

This year, the park increased investment in sightseeing and recreational parks. Since the figs ripened in mid-August, over 100 citizens and tourists have visited the park daily to pick figs, which is expected to last to the late October. The yield of figs this year promises to reach over 40 thousand Jin.