Agriculture Commission: corn planted by tillage-free sowing grows vigorously

In recent years, Dalian Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the working conference on agricultural mechanization and vigorously spread tillage-free  sowing in accordance with the requirement of the municipal agricultural committee. The tillage-free sowing area in 2017 reaches 100,000 mu in Dalian, marking the growing trend of tillage-free sowing in Dalian. The tillage-free sowing technology has been widely acknowledged by agricultural machinery households, grain production households, agricultural machinery cooperatives, etc. In early August, staff of the agricultural promotion station researched the growth of tillage-free sowing corn in Renfeng Cooperative in Wafangdian City. 200 sets of agricultural machines in the cooperative serve for 100,000 mu of land in 12 towns and counties, thus being a typical operation model for land management.



The technicians carefully researched the effect of tillage-free sowing technology. Compared with traditional artificial sowing, tillage-free sowing finishes many procedures such as ditching, sowing, covering, etc. while ensuring high survival rate one time, thus greatly reducing the intensity of labor, enhancing production efficiency, standardizing planting model, and laying a solid foundation for mechanized harvest. In comparison with precision seeding, tillage-free sowing with less farming reduces evaporation, the degree of osteoporosis as well assoil and water loss.



The seasonal water shortage this year caused trouble for spring sowing. Applying traditional sowing and precise planting in Wafangdian City, the grain production households confronted with moisture loss called for help from Renfeng Cooperative. Replanting with tillage-free technology achieved 93% of survival rate. Seeing the vigorous growth of corn, the local farmers are expecting harvest with happiness. It is said that tillage-free sowing can reduce 2.5 kg to 6 kg of water, especially for sloping fields.



The tillage-free sowing area in Wafangdian City has reached 85,000 mu, the largest area applying tillage-free sowing technology in Dalian. The municipal machinery promotion station spreads tillage-free sowing technology through various means within the city so as to increase production.