“Meiguan” Fuji Apple obtains the certification of green agricultural product awarded by Ministry of Agriculture

A few days ago, the “Meiguan” Fuji Apple, produced by the specialized cooperative of Meiguan fruits in Zhangjia village, Shuangdaowan Street, Lushunkou district, obtained the certification of green agricultural products awarded by Ministry of Agriculture.



Zhangjia village is professional in producing fruits with more than 2 thousand mu planting area of apples, european pears, cherries and grapes. The planting area of Fuji apples covers more than one thousand mu, the annual output of which is more than 8 hundred tons. The cooperative insists on using green production and management technologies, including cultivating fruits with farmyard manure and organic fertilizer and adopting biotechnologies to prevent and treat plant diseases and pests. The Fuji apples harvest on mid-to-end November every year. The ripe apples have yellow flesh, which are bright in color with thin pericarp and sweet taste, and thus are called “sugar-heart apples”. The Fuji Apple of the cooperative was awarded as the product with “rural famous brands” in 2015.



Now Fuji apples in Zhangjia village overcome the negative influence of spring droughts and remain well growth with intensified irrigation.