Dalian exhibition groups appear in Shenyang Agricultural Exposition with characteristic and popular agricultural products

From July 27 to 30, the 10th Liaoning International Agricultural Exposition and the 17th China Shenyang International Agricultural Exposition were held in Shenyang International Conference and Exhibition Center. Dalian has set up two special exhibition areas: Dalian Comprehensive Exhibition Area and Dalian Leisure Exhibition Area. The comprehensive exhibition area consisted of 23 enterprises, including Comfort Group Co., LTD., Dalian TianTianLi Food Co., LTD., Dalian KeRuiHeng Agriculture Co., LTD., Dalian ZhongChao Food Co., LTD., and Dalian HengCheng Cold Chain Co., LTD., etc. The exhibits included fresh fruit, meat and eggs, soy products, pasta, aquatic products, canned products, alcohol and seedlings, etc. The leisure exhibition area consisted of 5 enterprises: Dalian Yidianyuan Co., LTD., Xiaonancun Village, Dalian Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park, Changle Cooperative and Cunge Ecological Garden, which demonstrated the diversified forms of leisure agriculture, such as floating, picking, sightseeing, fishing, and farm stay. The leisure agriculture with tasty products, beautiful scenery and recreational activities is becoming a popular choice for urban people to spend their holidays.


Dalian agricultural products, with high quality and various species, have been recognized by the distributors and Shenyang people. Dalian exhibitors replenished stocks several times with the products all sold out. They signed orders or purchase intention agreements with many large purchasers and distributors. Xiema apricot, planted in Dalian Xinghua Village, with delicate flesh and great in size attracted Liaoning Television Station for an interview. The apricot and apricot jam won the Gold Award of this exposition. Cantaloupe, planted by Luzhiyuan Food Company tasted sweet and crisp with thin rind and thick flesh. Consumers can at home enjoy cantaloupe which is as good as those planted in Xinjiang. Dalian Jiahe Chicken Breeding Cooperative went upscale. They packed the eggs with gift package and shockproof package for long distance transportation. During the exposition, the company reached purchase intention agreements with many large enterprises and boutique fresh shops in Shenyang and surrounding areas. Dalian Shengnuo Food concentrate on deep processing of canned food and sell them in domestic and overseas market. They stick to the principle of “same standard, same quality, same assembly line” on goods production. The canned fish, canned meat and canned fruit they brought to the exposition failed to meet the demand. The people lined up for them. The daily sales volume amounted to over 30,000 yuan. In addition, purchase orders, up to over 600,000 yuan were signed.


As one of the important contents of the exposition, on July 29, guided by Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, organized by Liaoning Provincial Agriculture Commission, the 2nd Agricultural Online Retailers Talks and Business Innovation Conference was held at the same time. Song Xiaoming, director of Dalian Municipal Agricultural Commission and one of the ten invited representatives answered the typical questions raised by farmers present and talked about the new ideas and trends of the development of agricultural online retailers. Zhang Zhiwei, manager of Dalian Xiangrikui Farm shared the hardships and gains in the development of e-commerce entrepreneurship. The forum received the unanimous approval of 300 new farmers at the meeting, and more than 3.5 million people watched the webcast of the forum.