Dalian City strengthens publicity on rural energy

Recently, Dalian Rural Energy Work Promotion Center produced an original film on the utilization of methane and straw in order to strengthen the publicity on rural energy. From the perspective of rural energy, the publicity film publicized the utilization of straw and excrements of livestock and poultry. The film covered the production and use of biogas, the knowledge of biogas safety as well as the prohibition and comprehensive utilization concerning straw. Currently, the video has been released in society through Dalian Agricultural Information Network, Tencent Video and Youku Video.


The Rural Energy Center of Dalian City summarized our country's energy policy and important discourse in recent years, and printed the pamphlet on The Policy and Discussion on Ecological Construction of Rural Energy, which aimed to publicize the development direction and policy support of rural energy at the moment and in the long run and provides reference for the colleagues and comrades who are concerned about the development of rural energy industry.