Dalian issues a notice on autumn vegetable production

In order to handle well the autumn vegetable production and ensure the market supply, Dalian Municipal Agricultural Commission issued a notice, requiring all districts to fully understand the importance of autumn vegetable production, adjust and optimize planting structure and make an early plan for autumn vegetable production, so as to increase farmers’ income and ensure the market supply.



The first is to expand the sown area. Efforts should be made to take advantage of the vacant land after the harvest of last season, plow the land to enlarge the high-quality planting area of autumn vegetable, guide the vegetable growers to select the appropriate varieties and arrange the sown time, so as to meet the market demand.



The second is to improve the production level of autumn vegetables. Multiple ways should be used to introduce the new superior varieties to vegetable growers, promote the popularization and application of standardized production techniques such as the integration management of water and fertilizer and organize experts and technicians to teach growers fertilizer management and pest control.                 



The third is to pay high attention to the quality of autumn vegetable. All regions should intensify efforts in enhancing the technical guidance on production, encouraging vegetable growers to apply such integrated technologies as insecticidal lamp, color disk and sex pheromone and promoting environment-friendly chemicals with low toxicity and high efficiency. Besides, efforts should also be made to improve the work safety mechanism and field record file.



The fourth is to handle well the work of disaster prevention and reduction. Efforts should be made to enhance the communication with meteorological department, publish the information on weather condition and corresponding measures and improve irrigation and drainage facilities, so as to prevent the loss due to drought and water logging.