The production of autumn vegetable is in full swing in Dalian

In August, the production of autumn vegetable is in full swing in Dalian. According to preliminary statistics, the sown area of autumn vegetables growing in open field is expected to be 207,800 mu, remaining at the same level. The sown area in each region is: 67,000 mu in Zhuanghe City, 65,000 mu in Wafangdian City, 35,000 mu in Pulandian District, 31,000 in Jinpu New Area, 5,000 mu in Lushunkou district, 800 mu in Changhai County and 490 mu in Huayuankou District. The vegetable varieties mainly include Chinese cabbage, radish and scallion with the sown area of 133,000 mu, 49,000 mu and 12,500 mu respectively, almost flat with last year. In light of less rainfall in Dalian, Municipal Agricultural Commission required all agricultural departments to well organize the work on autumn vegetable production and technical service, handle well the prevention work on drought and hailstone and effectively monitor and control plant diseases and pests.