Dalian Agricultural Commission holds a meeting on expert review and quality evaluation for Dalian Big Cherry’s application for the registration of geo

Dalian Agricultural Commission has increased efforts in creating brands and given full play to the leading role of brands. Brand creation has been taken as an important starting point for promoting reform in agricultural supply side. Such good quality and well known agricultural brands as Dalian Apple and Big Cherry have been cultivated.

On June 28, Dalian Agricultural Commission hold an expert review and quality evaluation meeting for Dalian Big Cherry’s application for geographical indication registration. Dalian Agricultural Center as a landmark applicant made an introduction of the history,  characteristics, industrial development, etc. of Dalian Big Cherry to the expert group which is composed of Zhang Kaichun from Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Liu Qingzhong, research of Shandong Fruit Tree Institution, Xuan Jinghong, deputy head of Liaoning Fruit Silkworm Station, Pan Fengrong, head of Dalian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Wang Jingying, deputy director of Ganjingzi District Agricultural Center. The expert group agreed the application for Dalian Big Cherry’s geographical indication registration for its big size, plump suture line, thick wax layer, bright color, sweet-and-sour taste, succulent juicy, good quality and distinctive characteristics.