The Group from Ministry of Agriculture visited Lushunkou District to see the new urban agriculture

On June 27, the investigation group led by Liu Han, head of Research Department of Market and Economic Information Division of Ministry of Agriculture, visited Lushunkou District to investigate the new formats of urban agriculture, accompanied by relevant responsible persons of provincial and municipal agriculture commissions.

The  group visited the Space Botanical Museum of Colorful Nanshan and Butterfly Museum of Xiaonan Village, Shuishiying Street, which are national 4A tourist attractions. The  group learnt about the achievements of Xiaonan Village in the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries by taking  advantage of ecological resources to develop rural tourism  and folklore tourism and other agricultural operators. The group also visited the production line of Dalian Green Food Work Zone, learning about the promotion of the implementation of industrialization and standardized production led by leading enterprises, occupying market and improving the benefits of agricultural products with high-quality products. They also listened to the work report of Lushunkou District in giving play to advantageous industry and implementing modern urban agriculture development.

They noted that Lushunkou District has set good examples of developing modern agriculture with new thinking mode, practical measures and distinctive features. The experience of Lushunkou District is creative and replicable, forming an urban modern agricultural development mode with Lushun characteristics. Meanwhile, they suggested that Lushunkou District should transform the agricultural development mode from traditional factor driven mode to technology driven one, accelerate the cultivation of new operation entity, speed up the construction of modern agricultural industrial system, focus on the structural reform of rural supply side, promote the integrated development of all sectors, and establish a new format in compliance with the development of agricultural economy.