Dalian cherry successfully lands on Hongkong market

On June 17, Dalian cherry was carried to Hongkong International Airport by a China Air flight for the first time, marking that Dalian cherry officially entered international high-end markets. Cherry is one of Dalian characteristic fruits. At present, there are 246 thousand mu planted areas of cherry and its annual output reaches 117 thousand tons with the production value of 3.6 billion yuan, thus playing an important role in rural economic development and increasing farmers’ income. This year, the Marketing Work Plan for Dalian Cherry Season formulated by the Municipal Agricultural Commission introduces 10 measures to improve Dalian cherry’s market competitiveness, including such aspects as base construction, the usage management of chemicals, standardized production and marketing.

Dalian cherries enjoy extraordinary advantages to enter international markets in the aspects of taste, quality and food safety. However, in the past, Dalian cherry has no record in the export sector. In order to occupy the international market and improve cherry’s additional value, the Municipal Agricultural Commission invited Dalian inspection and quarantine departments to give training lessons to cherry producers and heads of related distribution companies in early May, and established green channels to help enterprises register, monitor diseases and pests, as well as supervise pesticide residue. The ultimate purpose is to help Dalian cherry achieve the qualification of exporting to Hongkong and Macao.

Hongkong is a highly developed free trade port with extremely high requirements of the quality and safety of imported agricultural products. This time, nearly one thousand kilograms of Dalian Qidingshan cherries were exported to Hongkong, signifying that Dalian cherries achieved more opportunities to enter international high-end markets. Taking Hongkong as a platform, the next step is to further promote Dalian cherries to wider international markets.