Liaoning takes many measures to fight against drought and ensure spring ploughing

Since the beginning of spring, the small rainfall and high temperature in Liaoning Province has led  to moderate and even serve drought in some areas, which is unfavorable for spring ploughing and seedling emergence. Liaoning provincial government and municipal Party committee attach great importance to the drought, requiring departments of agriculture to give it top priority and spare no efforts to resist drought.

The first is to strengthen organization. When the drought occurs, the provincial agricultural commission held four special drought-resistant meetings to make arrangement for drought resisting work and organized four working groups led by responsible leaders to conduct research in four cities in west part of Liaoning to ensure the implementation of responsibilities and measures for drought resisting.

The second is to strengthen policy support. The provincial agricultural commission together with financial departments made arrangement for agricultural projects and funding in advance and gave over 10 billion yuan of subsidy, thus effectively mobilizing farmers’ enthusiasm for drought resisting and spring ploughing. Besides, major grain and oil-bearing crops including corn, rice, wheat, peanut, soybean, etc. have been listed as objects of policy-oriented agricultural insurance. Price insurance and income insurance are conducted to effectively reduce the loss of farmers.

The third is to strengthen technical guidance. The provincial agricultural commission put forward five suggestions for drought resisting technology, organized experts and agricultural technicians to provide technical guidance and implement drought resisting measures by staying in villages to ensure the completion of spring ploughing. Up to now, 1.33 million copies of technical materials have been handed out and 2.51 million of farmers have been guided by 1598 technical groups, realizing that 15.1 million mu of area has been ploughed.

The fourth is to strengthen structural adjustment. 0.15 billion yuan of subsidy for national arable land and 0.6 billion yuan of subsidy for corn have been used to support structural adjustment. Drought has occurred for many years in the west part of Liaoning province. Some land unsuitable for corn this year has been planted with other crops like millet, peanut, silage corn, etc. 1.2 billion mu of corn has been reduced this year in addition to 2 billion mu last year. 

Recently, there is light or moderate rain in most part of Liaoning province, which effectively alleviates drought. The provincial agricultural commission organized agricultural departments to strengthen dispatching of agricultural machine and take the opportunity to plough. At present, 4920 mu has been sown, 76% of all sown area.