Dalian intelligent agriculture helps to increase farmers’ income

Intelligent agriculture becomes the modernization criterion of Dalian agricultural development in the future, making such magical systems become reality as monitoring the growth of vegetables in greenhouses through computers, controlling water and fertilizer irrigation equipment by cellphones and automatically fertilizing, ventilating, lighting and preciously planting in greenhouses, rather than just occur in games and science fiction movie. Dalian Zheqin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is incorporating traditional agriculture into modern “grand agriculture” by virtue of the Internet of Things and cloud computing, and will bring new reform in such fields as farming, aquaculture, livestock breeding, environmental monitoring, weather report and hydrodynamic analysis.

2017 No. 1 document of the central government on agriculture pointed out that green agricultural production should be vigorously promoted and the driving factor of innovation on science and technology should be strengthened. Agricultural production depends on farmers’ experience for generations to conduct irrigation, fertilizing and controlling temperature all the time, which is not only difficult for quantification, but also has a time lag in farming. The growth of crops can only be estimated by branches, leaves and fruits, while some situation including plant diseases and insect pests can only be remedied afterward. Farmers can’t learn about the “hunger, thirst and pain” of the plants in the first place. Most important of all, planting experience is a fuzzy intuition, which is useless for modern agriculture that emphasizes precise quantification and inspection.

On the 19th Dalian International Industrial Expo kicked off on May 25, Dalian Zheqin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited the “Intelligent Farm System”, attracting wide attention of visitors. This system collects such factors of plant growth in greenhouses as soil moisture, soil electric conductivity, temperature and humidity on the leaf and in the air, PH value, intensity of illumination and concentrations of carbon dioxide through distributed intelligent sensor network and the Internet of Things system, as well as controls water and fertilizer, lighting and ventilating in real time through the comprehensive decisions made by the intelligent system after analyzing current situation of greenhouses, thus achieving the intellectualized control, scientific management and informationalized service. The “Intelligent Farm System” significantly reduces the human cost by automatically planting and increases production by 20% to 30% through precisely farming, data collecting, intelligent analysis and environmental simulation. Most important of all, this system can really accomplish products traceability and actually guarantee the stable market of agricultural products and food safety by recording detailed data of products from  growth to sales and by establishing growth documents of products.
In addition to achieving intelligent control and automatically planting in greenhouse cultivation, this system and its matched intelligent sensors are also suitable for aquaculture control, livestock breeding and environmental control, as well as provide big data and share resources of agriculture for such institutions as the Academy of Agricultural Science and the Bureau of Meteorology by monitoring and analyzing land-use types and planting elements of each variety of crops so as to scientifically answer a series of questions like “what to plant and how to plant”.

After several years’ research, development and improvement, the “Intelligent Farm System” of Dalian Zheqin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. granted several national patents and owned independent intellectual property rights. The company cooperated deeply with several regions’ academies of agricultural science, and thus the system has been applied in nearly 10 thousand greenhouses. In 2016, Dalian Zheqin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. constructed 1.5 thousand greenhouses in Qinghai Province, together with China Union. This year, the company finished the ecological environment monitoring project located in Changbai Mountain, together with Beijing Information Network Center of the Chinese Academy of Science. In addition, Dalian Zheqin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. also assisted Chang’ an University, Beijing Normal University in scientific research projects, including geographical information collection and soil monitoring.

The 19th Dalian International Industrial Expo was kicked off on May 25, lasting for 3 days. The exhibition booth number of Dalian Zheqin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is No.33 in the west hall. Citizens with interests can visit it today and tomorrow to learn about this intelligent system in detail by the model of “Intelligent Farm System”. At present, this system has fully entered the stage of industrialization. For those producers who are still worried about the effects of increasing productions and take a wait-and-see attitude, Dalian Zheqin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. said that farmers can install and use the system first for free and pay for it after increasing productions. In addition, all buyers can enjoy a life-long free maintenance for the system and get instructions on using the system so as to ensure that the system runs well.