Lushun Se-rich cherries are favored

Recently, seen from a cherry park with elevated cold sheds located at Shuishiying Street, Lushunkou District, cherries in 9 elevated cold sheds have been ripe. A continuous flow of merchants from the whole country came here to buy cherries, because of their Se-rich, big and tasty features. Average weight of one cherry is nearly 20 gram and the sugar content of fruits is measured at the scene as 20%, 4 to 5 percent higher than common cherries. Besides, Se-rich cherry is easy to store and transport. The fruit picked off from trees can keep fresh for 10 days at normal temperature, 4 to 5 days longer than common cherries. More importantly, the Se element, which the human body lacks, makes the cherry become functional fruits.

The Se-rich production technology of this cherry park has been introduced and applied by “Dalian Spring City Ecological Agriculture Cooperatives” of Sigou Village at the Shuishiying Street since 2008, under the guidance of professionals in Lushun Plant Protection Station. They built the Spring City Se-rich Yeli Fertilizer Demonstration Base. Through continuous exploration, the promoted fertilizer achieved expert authentication. The Se-rich cherry produced by the Base meets the national standard and becomes identified products of the Ministry of Agriculture. At the 2017 China International Se-rich Food Industry Exhibition held in Beijing, Lushun Se-rich cherry was popular among merchants across the country. Contracts for purchases and sales worth over 7 million yuan were signed at the scene.

At present, Se-rich agricultural food production technology gets continuous improvements. Spraying technique of the Cherry Se-rich Yeli Fertilizer has been promoted for 4 thousand mu in the whole district and achieved good economic benefits. According to the plan, the technique will be continuously promoted and the total area will reach 10 thousand mu so as to increase more peasants’ income by developing the Se-rich cherry.