Lushunkou District finishes the ploughing of crops in drought spring

In time of busy ploughing in spring, the ploughing of vegetables, fresh corns and potatoes ends ahead of time with 5000 mu of vegetables, 1500 mu of fresh corns, 3000 mu of potatoes planted. Sowing will be carried out in the late April.

The production mode of “mulching and arched sheds” has been carried out in the ploughing and sowing of crops to make crops mature earlier and satisfy the market demand in summer. In this way, after the harvest of vegetables in November, farmers begin such preparations as fertilization, deep ploughing and land leveling with seeding started in December. In the early March next year, the first batch of vegetables will be sown with arched sheds used to keep the vegetable warm. In the early May, vegetables will appear on the market and are likely to be harvested three times a year. Fresh corns in early spring have realized the technology of “mulching and arched sheds” and thus can appear on the market in July. Fresh and sweet corns have become a new industry for farmers to increase income. 

Virus-free potatoes, as the characteristic agricultural product in Lushunkou District, have all adopted the plantation mode of mulching. 2 dedicated seeders introduced by Lushunkou Agricultural Machine Promotion Station play a vital role in the production of potatoes. The seeders can finish such procedures as ditching, sowing, fertilization, insecticide spraying, mulching, ridging and layout of drip irrigation pipes with about 30 mu sown daily, thus creating a favorable condition for stable and high yield of potatoes.