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The municipal agricultural commission takes ten measures to promote Dalian Cherry to go national

To enhance the influence and competitiveness of agricultural product market and shape a brand image of agricultural products, Dalian municipal agricultural commission takes ten measures to promote Dalian Cherry to go national.

The first is to conduct extensive research and accurately master the situation of production and sales. The commission focuses on the production of cherry in Dalian, conducts research on sales channels and product standards, places of product and analyzes the yield distribution of cherry across Dalian so as to make working plans for sales of Dalian cherry.

The second is to enhance management and improve the quality of products. The commission actively promotes the standardization of orchards and cultivation and organizes technicians to give relevant training on scientific fertilization, tree pruning, such green control technology as insecticidal lamps, sugar and vinegar liquid and pheromone of insects. In addition, online education programs are put forward to guide enterprises to finish work of trademark registration as well as cultivation, declaration and affirmation of brands online.

The third is to increase investment and step up after-sale processing.
Efforts are made to encourage and guide leading enterprises and professional cooperatives to construct commercialized processing centers for the precooling, grading, freshness retaining and packaging of cherries as well as a cold-chain system to improve the cherry quality and prolong the supply period; encourage Dalian Cherry Association to make unified product standards for specifications, taste, production and certification, to promote a management model of this industry and to conduct a geographical indication registration of “Dalian Big Cherry” in combination with the provincial cultivation and certification of agricultural products; develop deep processing of cherries and support processing enterprises to explore new products suitable for market demands and improve the added value of cherries.

The fourth is to improve the market system and standardize construction of places of production. Four wholesale markets are established in the major production area of cherries to improve the service function of markets and give play to the role of market gathering and distributing.

The fifth is to organize enterprises of cherries to participate in key exhibitions and marketing campaigns. Two marketing campaigns for superior agricultural products of Dalian will be held in Beijing and Shanghai respectively in April and May. Another promotion campaign will be Cherry Festival in Dalian.

The sixth is to integrate internet resources to publicize the brand of Dalian Big Cherry. Efforts are made to construct an online and offline marketing system of Dalian Big Cherry. The first is to cooperate with domestic well-known e-commerce platforms to promote big cherries on major websites; the second is to encourage enterprises and cooperatives to take advantage of such media as Wechat, blog, websites and we-media to conduct online marketing.

The seventh is to innovate on diversified channels of communication.
The first is to take advantage of traditional media (television, broadcast, newspaper, ect.), and network media (websites, e-commerce and Wechat commerce). The second is to enhance advertisements on media, especially in such densely populated places as airports, high-speed rail stations with sales counters to be established.The third is to conduct routine inspections during the peak sales season of big cherries so as to issue pre-warning on safety risk and release inspection results timely.

The eighth is to enrich offline experience by taking advantage of festive activities. Diversified cultural travel activities are held by taking advantage of Dalian International Cherry Festival with cherry column opened on the information website of Dalian Agriculture so as to release such information as location, scale and contact ways of cherry picking gardens.

The ninth is to cooperate with logistics enterprises to reduce the transportation cost. The government helps to negotiate with such logistics companies as S.F. Express, Jingdong and postal service to strive for discounts during the peak sales season of cherries and meanwhile introduces a competition system to improve logistics service level and reduce the transportation cost.

The tenth is to enhance training on e-commerce team and cultivate professional marketing talents. Efforts are made to conduct training on e-commerce, online marketing practices of big cherries, case analysis as well as application skills in registration, use and maintenance of online shops.