Seeds and fertilizer for spring ploughing in Dalian have been fully prepared

Preparation for spring ploughing has been started in Dalian. It was known yesterday from the municipal agricultural commission that 9500 tons of seeds and 160000 tons of fertilizer have been fully prepared. Except that the fertilizer price is higher than that of last year, the prices for seeds, agricultural film, pesticide, agricultural diesel, etc. are similar to those of last year. At present, the Municipal Agriculture Commission, supply and marketing cooperatives, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, and the Municipal Meteorological Bureau and so on are making preparation for spring ploughing actively.

The selling of agricultural materials for spring ploughing goes smoothly with an overall rate of more than 50 %. Only 3000 tons of corn seeds affected by lower corn price have been sold out, 41% of total amount. 450 tons of rice seeds, 76000 tons of fertilizer, and 2100 tons of agricultural have been sold out, accounting for 58%, 47.5% and 50% respectively. Dalian highlights the structural adjustment in planting. In 2017, Dalian reduces 200,000 mu area for corn planting, 53% higher than the provincial requirement. In January 2017, the Municipal Agriculture Commission assigned the task to cities and counties, and required them to timely decompose the task in accordance with the requirement of reducing grains, increasing vegetable, strengthening fruits, and supporting flower, actively guide farmers to adjust and optimize the crop planting structure and plant marketable plants. Now, 158000 mu of area would be planted, 67000 mu of soy bean, 23000 mu of peanut, 16000 mu of potato, 7000 mu of protected agriculture, 4000 mu of silage, fresh food and corn, and 26000 mu of rice, hazelnut, flowers, etc.

Since March, there has been no precipitation in Dalian with the temperature remaining high. With the increasing windy days, soil moisture under 10 cm is 45% in Lushun and 59%-77% in other areas, a decrease of 25% and 10-20% compared with the same period in the past 5 years. Spring drought might occur due to little precipitation in spring. The Agricultural Commission required agricultural departments at all levels to pay close attention to the changes in weather and soil moisture, timely make and improve spring sowing technical guidance and organize experts and agricultural technicians to guide farmers in spring ploughing so as to achieve one hundred percent survival rate.