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Dalian supply and marketing cooperative takes five measures to

With the coming of spring, Dalian supply and marketing cooperative guides actively districts, counties and cooperatives to make early preparation for the purchase and transfer of agricultural materials to ensure stable price during spring. The first is to do well in agricultural reserves by optimizing purchasing channel according to total demand of each districts to ensure stable price for agricultural supply. The second is to innovate on service model and promote business transformation and upgrading by transforming cooperative-owned agricultural enterprises to agricultural materials sales enterprises, providing technical guidance, formula fertilization by soil test and cheaper agricultural materials for farmers. The third is to strengthen publicity and increase training by holding lectures on scientific use of fertilizer and drugs, pest control and so on, and assigning technical staff to teach farmers the use of fertilize, drug, etc.. The fourth is to strengthen investigation on banned pesticides. The fifth is to standardize market order by building perfect monitoring and checking system to realize whole process monitoring and actively cooperating with such departments as agriculture, industry and commerce to crack down on counterfeit goods and protect farmers’ interests.