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Shuangdao Street of Lushunkou District innovates on high-end facility agriculture to help farmers increase incomes

Shuangdao Street of Lushunkou District took Zhangjia Village as the pilot village to explore an agricultural development model that suits the regional development and brought in over 9 million incomes for villagers.



To comprehensively enhance the agricultural high-end orientation, mechanization and informatization and speed up the transformation of traditional agriculture, since 2002, Shuangdao Street has brought in superior vegetable varieties and professional plantation technology, newly built 44 mu of strawberry greenhouses and 40 mu of grape parks, expanded the facility cherry area to 362 mu and realized the all-season supply of such high-end fruits as grape, strawberry, big cherries and European pears. Meanwhile, Meihe professional cooperative was built with the green brand of “Meihe”, which constantly improved the brand popularity and expanded the sales channels through the model of celebrity endorsement and “Internet plus agriculture”. For the past few years, the sales volume of various fruits and vegetables has increased year by year, especially last year when the price deceased sharply due to the harvest of fruits and vegetables across China but the sales of “Meihe” brand fruits maintained high sales volume and brought in over 9 million income for the villagers, an year-on-year increase of 30%.