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Bangchuigou of Zhuanghe welcomes the production time of shiitake

During the chilly winter when people in rural areas used to stay at home all day long, Bangchuigou Village of Zhuanghe witnesses another scene: 96 shiitake greenhouses have been set up with technicians organizing more than 60 farmers to engage in plantation and bagging of shiitake. The village takes on a new look for the production of shiitake.



With the progress of poverty alleviation projects, Bangchuigou village, as one of 55 low-income villages, put the priority on the shiitake production. The village firstly brought in the professional cooperative of shiitake plantation from Xiuyan County, which provided service throughout the product process and the village employed the funds of poverty alleviation to give subsides to the low-income farmers for purchasing the bacteria sticks. It is said that 6000 yuan will be given to those farmers who set up one greenhouse with 10000 bacteria sticks and one more 10000 yuan will be added with every 10000 bacteria sticks purchased. The water and electricity supply will be solved by the village.



The practice of poverty alleviation deeply moved the low-income villagers and inspired them to become wealthy. Currently, 56 low-income villages have set up 96 greenhouses of shiitake with technicians from the cooperative working overtime for the supply of bacteria sticks. The shiitakes will come out next May and last to October. Each greenhouse will gain 20 thousand net incomes during the harvest time.