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Lushunkou District promotes the work on agricultural drought resistance and water conservancy project

Lushunkou District insists on the integration of modern agricultural construction and “on-water Lushun”, focuses on water conservancy project and implements basic construction tasks on irrigation and water conservancy, which vigorously promotes the development of agricultural drought resistance and water conservancy project.



In recent years, Lushun has been suffering from little rain and drought in spring and summer, bringing about obstacle for agricultural production. Thus, Lushunkou District further enhances its investment on the agricultural water conservancy project and “on-water Lushun”, with 3.2-million-yuan investment. Besides, 7 new water source projects have been launched with 205 thousand cubic meters of water storage capacity. The ecological river engineering has also been strengthened with 420 thousand cubic meters of sediment dredged. Four small water maintenance projects with national coordination have been completed with 1.1 million yuan invested. Moreover, the district has completed the water quality testing work of drinking water in 24 villages with 320-thousand-yuan detection funds, which provided guarantee for implementing the construction of safe drinking water integration within the district.




Through the construction of agricultural water conservancy, the drought relief work has been successfully completed, thus effectively preventing major drought disaster. Other campaigns like popularization of scientific knowledge on flood prevention and control also fostered a favorable atmosphere for water saving             within the district.