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2016 Lushun Changcheng Apple Festival comes to a successful end


Recently, the over 20-day 2016 Lushun Changcheng First Apple Festival comes to a successful end.



The well-organized festival is rich in content and full of distinctive features. Centering on the festival, Changcheng Street made great efforts in making publicity for the festival and the promotion of agricultural products, enlarging markets inside and outside Liaoning province, improving enterprises’ quality and efficiency and increasing farmers’ income, which makes positive contributions to the construction of "Lushun green economic zone".


During the Apple Festival, Changcheng Street launched 10 various activities such as agricultural products exhibition and electric business promotion, among which direct train from Lushun to Dalian, branded apple competitions and other activities won praise and welcome from the citizens.



The Apple Festival docked with more than 30 E-business, purchasers, agricultural supermarkets and self-driving tour teams and opened over 30 vehicle-time direct trains from Lushun to Dalian. The cumulative sales of apples have reached 200 tons, thus increasing over 1 million yuan for farmers. The green and pollution-free agricultural products were sold inside and outside the province through the platform.


In addition, the three-dimensional publicity for the Apple Festival attracted over 40 news media such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV and Liaoning Daily to report on it, thus drawing attentions from citizens inside and outside the province.


Relying on “small apples but large industry”, Changcheng Street made efforts in standardization of production, cold chain storage, technological innovation, modern marketing, brand promotion, etc. to make modern agriculture a key force for accurate poverty alleviation and the leading industry for enriching farmers and strengthening the street.